Thursday, July 11, 2013

The adventure continues...

So in my previous post, I had mentioned my bestie, who I have decided to refer to henceforth as the Pixie. Well, she and I make up Team Magical Wife. For one, our husbands decided they were Team Husband, which does actually sound pretty cool, but Team Wife doesn't have the same ring, so we came up with Team Magical Wife. Also, we grew up watching all those wonderful shojo anime of magical girls and such. And finally, we are both of magical nature. I am a practicing hedge witch, full of earth magic, and she happens to be a pixie, full of mischievous pixie magic.

Whew, this past week has been really busy!

So last Monday the Pixie and I made HP style wands for the HP theme birthday party, Tuesday I further detailed (painted) them. Wednesday, we went shopping for all the things we still needed for the party. We started making the chocolate frogs, and that night we went to my mama's house for a girl's night. We had so much fun talking, goofing off and painting our nails. It was great. I spent the night, along with another friend of mine. Then, the next day, Thursday, that friend and I helped my mama get started on organizing her craft room. We made a lot of progress too! We got everything out that didn't belong in there. It was a great start. Friday was spent in the kitchen all day making Chocolate Frogs (the first batch from Wednesday didn't turn out well, so we had to modify the recipe), baking Pumpkin Pasties, and making Sugar Mice. It was wicked hot in the kitchen! We made all final preparations and then Saturday, started the fun! We started the day with going to get Pixie's new tattoo, which looks awesome! Then the party! We all had a blast. We went by our own made up HP character's identities. Everyone had a wand, we had an amazing spread of food, we also had gotten a bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and replaced the label with Ogden's Olde Fire Whiskey label. It was a smashing good time. Sunday was spent helping mama more with the craft room, and then home to eat some tasty ramen and watch Pirates of the Caribbean. I don't know why, I was just really in a mood to watch it. I was kept company by the Pixie, and we discovered that Orlando Bloom has a tattoo on his wrist in this film, that they usually did good with keeping covered. Apparently, after filming Fellowship of the Ring, the actors all (except the actor who played Gimli) got tattoos in Elvish to commemorate that they did indeed become a fellowship. Awww, isn't that kind of sweet? The things you notice when you've seen a movie over and over.

The Pixie and I went to Goodwill on Monday and scored big! We went out looking for things that would help me with organizing my apartment and we decided a spice rack of some kind would help organize the shot glass collection that my hubby and I have, and also free up some cabinet space for other useful things. Well, we found this really awesome wooden shelf for $7! It's pretty epic, aside from the ugly shade of green that the hearts on it were painted. Easy fix though, and definitely worth it. I shall try to take some before/after pictures of the shelf itself, and then pics of it in use. I need to clean it off today. We also got another shelf thing for the same price with cutout hearts on it. It's very Home & Country, I like it, not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but there it is. After all the running of errands on Monday, my body decided that it wanted to be super fatigued, accompanied by an awful headache. I took a little nap on the couch, during which time the Pixie struck the kitchen with her cleaning magic. She's really good at that, and I am always uber grateful.

Well, Tuesday was miserable. I had started my moon time the day before, that was the cause of all the fatigue and such, and I had the worst cramps all day long. Also had the fun of entertaining the 12 year old who likes to hang out. Wasn't too horrible, except that I was prone to be really irritable. I was also a little upset that I was feeling so miserable, because I had wanted to accomplish a lot. We ended up all going for a little walk to investigate this brick silo looking thing down the road. My hubby had spotted it previously and got curious. It was interesting, had perfectly lined round openings going all down the side, so I'm not really sure it was a silo, but what do I know of silos? At any rate, I realized we were surrounded by a massive growth of Poison Ivy. Sister Ivy's leaves were the size of my husband's hands! Somehow, none of us managed to touch her with our skin, but I was most certain that her oils were all over my jeans, so once we got home, I stripped off all my clothes and showered to make sure I had rid myself of any possible contamination. I have somehow gone through life without touching Poison Ivy, so I'm not sure whether or not I'm allergic, and I'd rather not find out. After the shower, the hubby and I went to my mama's and I helped her color her roots. Afterwards, we went to visit one of our good friends who we don't see often enough. We hung out for an hour or so, and then returned home.

Wednesday, yesterday, was quite a busy one as well. The 12 year old came by and woke us up at 9:30am  (we stay up late, and therefore sleep later than most), I politely told him not to come by before 11am. Well, we actually got up around 10am and the Pixie came over for some coffee. She made me a gift! It's a beautiful clay Spiral Goddess figure. I love it so much! After coffee we took the 12 year old with us and then went to see the Blackbeard exhibit that was at the Cultural Center over by the VA. It was very informative, and quite fun! They had on display some of the items that have been recovered from the wreckage of the Queen Anne's Revenge. I just love learning about the history of pirates. After the exhibit, we dropped the 12 year old back off home, and then went to a tasty sushi lunch with a friend that was leaving town. Plans to swim after our food settled were derailed by the massive rain that we seem to get every day this summer. Oh well.

I've been really fighting with motivation this week. I'm always super fatigued during my moon time, which right now has coincided with the new moon. I wanted to try and use some of that energy this week. Today has been a lot better with it. I have gotten the clean laundry folded, and started to reorganize my dresser. I'm going to do another clothing purge, getting rid of things I don't wear anymore, etc. I'm also going to deep clean the upstairs bathroom in a little bit.

Well, that's all I can really think of for now. It took me three days to write this blog. Haha. I sat down to start it, and then life kept happening. C'est la vie.

Until next time lovelies.

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